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Human Security News From Africa – 04/08/2021

How kidnap-for-ransom became the “most lucrative industry in Nigeria”

Since December, more than 1,000 Nigerian students and staff have been abducted and held for ransom by criminal gangs in the dense forests of the country’s remote northwest.

With Groups Fueled by Drones and Gold, Terror in Africa Tops Concerns in UN Report

The “most striking development” in international terrorism during the first half of this year has been “the emergence of Africa as the region most affected by terrorism” in terms of casualties and successful growth of terror groups, said a recent report to the UN Security Council assessing recent activity of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

4 abducted Koreans released in Western Africa

Four Koreans abducted in the Gulf of Guinea in Western Africa two months ago were released Sunday, the Foreign Ministry announced.

57 Migrants From Nigeria, Others Perish In Libya Shipwreck

No fewer than 57 migrants from Nigeria and other African nations have perished in Libya shipwreck. Other African countries that counted losses in shipwreck include Ghana and Gambia as their nationals were drowned last Monday when their boat capsized off the Libyan coast near Khums.

FEATURED: New agreement to boost efforts to prevent use of children in armed conflicts

A tri-party collaboration that was launched on Thursday, July 29, will see the training of Security Sector Actors to act as peace support operatives in ensuring the prevention of the recruitment and use of children as soldiers in armed conflicts.

South Africa sends 1,500 troops to Mozambique to fight jihadists

South Africa is sending 1,495 troops to Mozambique to help its neighbour battle jihadists wreaking havoc in the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province north of the country. Soldiers will be a part of a growing multinational force there.

19 Civilians Die in New Attack in Niger

NIAMEY, NIGER – A fresh attack in western Niger near the border with volatile Mali has left 19 civilians dead, the government said Thursday.

One hundred kidnapped villagers in northwest Nigeria were freed Tuesday, police said, following negotiations with their abductors who had held them hostage for 42 days.

Heavily armed gangs — called bandits by locals — have long plagued northwest and central Nigeria by looting, stealing cattle and abducting for ransom.

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