Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCGh)

Human Security News From Africa – 12/09/2021

A biweekly analysis and assessment of the Salafi-jihadi movement in Africa and related security and political dynamics. Each edition begins “At a Glance.” Country-specific updates follow.

Protracted political crises in Libya and Somalia risk undercutting gains that have been made against Salafi-jihadi groups in recent years. An uptick in intermilitia clashes in Tripoli is a warning sign that the country’s fragile peace deal may not hold through and after elections in December.

Africa: Tokyo Paralympics a Stark Reminder That Human Security for People With Disabilities an Elusive Global Goal

The Paralympics tell which countries are the best or the worst for people with disabilities, and we see, beyond abstract notions about the social rights of citizenship, it is the more wealthy economies that seem to be creating better life chances for their vulnerable citizens.

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