Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCGh)

Mushroom Production Skill Development Training

Mushrooms are a great and affordable source of nutrients and food supplement. They could also be a primary or additional source of income for individuals, families and/or local communities.

Mushrooms grow wild seasonally; but to earn a substantial living out of them, they must be cultivated all year round, and there are several methods, all of which require training and quite some help to begin business.

HSRCGh is exploring the development of community-based mushroom production training & incubation centers in certain identified vulnerable communities, as a means of providing a sustainable source of income, particularly for women and youth. We believe that economically empowering these communities will have substantial impact on rural-urban migration and make such communities more resilient against radicalization of any kind.

Be part of the endeavour to protect and empower our local communities and people.

Together, we can lift them up.

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