Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCGh)

Who we are

Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCGh) is a Non Profit, Civil Society Organisation and a Security Knowledge Brokerage with Headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

HSRCGh focuses on partnerships for research and advocacy on Human Security as an appropriate National Security Policy orientation. HSRCGh provides security advisory services to state agencies, international institutions/agencies and the private sector with emphasis on Human Security, Environmental Protection, Local Economic Development, Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) and National Stability issues.

The Centre implements programmes and projects targeted at the prevention of violent extremism, protection, empowerment and well-being of vulnerable local communities in Ghana and the ECOWAS sub-region as a whole.

Our Mission

  • To conduct research that informs National Security policy development and implementation.
  • To advocate the development and implementation of preventative programmes and projects that address the vulnerabilities that could lead to Violent Extremism in deprived local communities.
  • To initiate and implement programmes and projects that pursue decentralization to improve lives, and create hope and resilience in identified vulnerable local communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is the attainment of a national and ECOWAS environment that is characterized by social justice, equal opportunity, peaceful coexistence and the prevention of violent extremism through Human Security oriented policies and programmes to protect and empower local community members to live in peace and dignity

Our Core Values

  • Protection and Empowerment of the Vulnerable.
  • Tolerance, Inclusiveness and Peaceful Coexistence.
  • Decentralization and Participatory Governance.
  • Local Economic Development.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Life in Dignity for All.

What We Do - Our Concept of Operations

  • Security Knowledge Brokerage.
  • Policy-Oriented Research, Analysis and Advice.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Creation.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Capacity Development.
  • Partnerships for Local Community, Youth and Gender Initiatives.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation and Conciliation Services and Training.
  • Background Check Services.

Our Partners

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