Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCGh)

Human Security News From Africa – 13/09/2021

ANALYSIS: The 20-year war: 9/11’s enduring legacy in Nigeria, other African countries

To prevent continued attacks, the next generation of counter-terrorism must be people-centred, not focused on military might.

Is the Middle East ‘exporting’ violent extremism to Africa?

The middle-eastern countries whose activities were under the spotlight in the continent include United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Their interests, it emerged, vary significantly, all employing different approaches to advance them.

State of ISIS: Long-Term Challenges as Terror Group Makes Its Next Moves

The demise of the so-called ISIS caliphate found many of its members dispersing to new battlefields throughout Syria, Iraq, Africa, Southeast Asia and beyond, establishing new safe havens and sanctuaries for their future activities.

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