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Why is INCLUSIVENESS so important?

Inclusiveness connotes Acceptance, Community, Togetherness & Mutuality. Community stands for inclusiveness: common purpose, collective responsibility & solidarity in the common quest for human dignity. Strong communities thrive on societal values: mutual respect, mutual trust, social justice, fairness and the dignity of life. Ɔman bɛyɛ yie a, efiri yɛn ara!

UNSG’s Plan of Action To Prevent Violent Extremism

“We need to pay attention to why individuals are attracted to violent extremist groups. I am convinced that the creation of open, equitable, inclusive and pluralist societies, based on the full respect of human rights and with economic opportunities for all, represents the most tangible and meaningful alternative to violent extremism and the most promising …

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Human Security is about Inclusiveness (Participatory decision making), social cohesion, peaceful coexistence, well-being and life in dignity. Human Security is about Protecting and empowering individuals & local communities from Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R). Human Security is about the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) the people against Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes …


Human Development and Human Security

The UNDP Human Development Report 1994 defines Human Development as “a process of widening the range of people’s choices”, it argues that human security denotes people’s ability to exercise those choices safely and freely and with the relative confidence that those choices would sustain. It identifies seven prospective sources that include most, but not necessarily all aspects of human security: economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, communal security, and political security. (UNDP 1994:22-33)

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